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Board of Mis-Directors

These are the guys you don't want running your life - but all too often, they do. More...

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The Board of Mis-Directors PrimerBoard of Mis-Directors Primer
The Board of Mis-Directors - our internal dialogue, inner critic, etc. - takes us in all sorts of unproductive directions.  And they're just plain mean!  Yet, they are surprisingly, disturbingly effective at directing the course of our lives.

What to do about these guys?

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Board of Mis-Directors Tactic: Take It Personally!

On The Relationship between the Board of Mis-Directors and Distractions and Seductions

Just What Is a Raging Magma Life?

Distractions? Seductions?

Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute; what you can do, or dream you can, begin it; boldness has genius and power and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Board of Mis-Directors
Can our internal dialogue really have its own web site?!?!?!!?

Sure enough! Check it out:

You know who we're talking about - those internal voices that nag at you, that always know how embarrassed or angry or suspicious you should be, how certain kinds of efforts are not worth the risk, how it's always best not to make waves. They find and create drama at every turn, and are totally dedicated to letting you know just how overwhelming, infuriating, frightening, and full of suffering life can be.

They're the Board of Mis-Directors, misleading you like Shakespearean villains at their worst, setting off explosions of fear, anxiety, and trepidation about your basic worth,
your chances of success, and your place in the world.

And a Raging Magma Life is exactly what they DON'T want you to have.

Well, now the Board of Mis-Directors has an internet presence! They're keeping up with the times, taking advantage of the hours we spend with our computers - just their latest in a long (long!) list of techniques to infiltrate our thoughts and dreams.

Visit the Board of Mis-Director's website to find revealing descriptions of Board members (The Critic, The Rationalizer, The Forgetter, and more). And you can see these guys in action by reading their advice column Why Bother?, signing up for their newsletter On Second Thought... - or, for the really brave at heart, downloading a special report. (See the one on The Horrors of Intimacy - you can imagine.) Just be careful they don't pull you into their world - they're very tricky!

Give them a good look - and then take our survey
to let us know how you experience them in your life and what you think of them!

From the
Board of Mis-Directors Primer

Most people who write about the inner critic think that the Board is well meaning - if maybe a bit misguided and overblown - developed in our childhood to keep us safe from a big and scary world.

Don’t be fooled.
The Board of Mis-Directors has nothing to do with keeping us safe.

The kind of safety they offer is the kind that turns us into disgruntled couch potatoes, disconnected from life and from our own bodies. Or the kind that keeps our adrenaline high and our stress levels off the charts. Either way, the chances of dying an early death with their tactics is actually pretty high. The chances of living way too many days afraid, bitter and frustrated are even higher. They simply are not looking out for our best interest.

Meanwhile, here are a few things to help you deal with the Board of Mis-Directors in your own life:

What's the relationship between the Board of Mis-Directors and Distractions and Seductions? Read more here!

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